Building Profitable Business with China, India
and Other Top Performing Markets in Asia

Fastrak Asian Solutions helps companies to rapidly connect with Asia and build profitable business. Our point of difference is our hands-on, highly practical approach geared towards saving money by assisting your company to cut costly business development time. 

Our Company:

Our services include practical training seminars; tailored strategies for business development, product delivery adjustment and marketing in Asia; introduction to influential business contacts in Australia and in market and high level market visits.

Our expertise and contacts cover nine markets in North and South Asia including:

  • Greater China
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia

Given the pace of change across Asia and the emerging competition, foreign companies need solutions that fast track their entry and increase their commercial effectiveness in these markets.  Establishing strong, personal business relationships and developing detailed market understanding at senior management levels are critical elements for success.

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Our Managing Director:

Fastrak Asian Solutions Managing Director, Richard Beere, has extensive high-level contacts across the region and a reputation for helping businesses to win in Asia. Richard established the company after an extensive career leading Australian tourism expansion into Asia.  The innovative approaches he developed for the tourism industry have proven to be equally valid for other sectors including professional services and education. 

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Our Champions:

We can tell you about ourselves, but we would rather let our clients tell you how we helped them build business with Asia!

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Our Services:

Fastrak Asian Solutions offers three core programs each geared towards helping companies develop strategies to assist different stages of business development in Asia.   They can be undertaken as stand-alone modules or combined to deliver complete entry, establishment and expansion solutions for your business. 

Fastrak ABOUT Asia Fastrak BUILDING Asia Fastrak INTO Asia
Individually tailored, practical training seminars delivering in-depth insights about sales and service  > more Customised assessments and recommendations aimed at assisting you to develop strategies that will best achieve your business goals.  > more Provides business leaders with the opportunity to undertake high-level market visits individually or as part of a delegation.  > more


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